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Healthier  and More Mindful Alternatives  to Traditional Drinking.

Welcome to SUNBEV, where we're on a mission to transform the way you sip, savor, and socialize. Dedicated to crafting hemp-derived and cannabis-infused THC beverages, we're all about raising the bar on health, leisure, and recreation.

We are a group of craft beer veterans and industry trailblazers that have shifted gears to pioneer healthier libations for a brighter, more inspired world. Through our products, like our flagship product line Sunbird, we're rewriting the drinking experience with healthier, more mindful alternatives to traditional alcohol.


Our secret ingredient? Decades of beverage expertise and a knack for crafting premium, palate-pleasing concoctions that set a new standard in refreshment and relaxation.


We're not just shaking up the beverage industry; we're redefining it, one delicious drop at a time.



We Aren't Following the Rules of Traditional Drinking. And You Can Follow Along Every Sip of the Way.

SUNBEV Beverage Co.
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A Feel-Good You Can Feel Good About.

Introducing Sunbird: the light THC-infused seltzer that redefines refreshment. With a balanced blend of 3mg Delta 9 THC and 3mg CBG, Sunbird offers a gentle, uplifting buzz without the drawbacks.


Crafted with all-natural ingredients and gluten-free, it boasts zero carbs, zero sugar, zero calories, and zero hangovermaking it the guilt-free choice for those seeking a healthier alternative to traditional alcohol.


Available in zesty lemon lime and tropical pineapple flavors, Sunbird is fresh, crisp, and perfect for any occasion. Embrace a new era of mindful enjoyment with Sunbird, where feeling good doesn’t mean feeling bad later.

Find Sunbird now in limited markets and hitting new locations every day!

Sunbird THC Seltzer

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